1. The Gluemen-Shanghaied
(From the album “Shanghaied”, dream 1)
2. The Suicidal Birds-Summersetsun
(From the album “Z-List”, dream 30)
3. Green Hornet-Get It Going On
(From the album “Going Down”, dream 8)
4. Birdskin-Absolutely Daughter
(From the album “Basement”, dream 3)
5. Dan Geesin-Hills and Valleys
(From the album “Driving”, dream 10)
6. Feverdream-Did I Ask For Your Opinion
(From the album “The Sky Is Full Of It”, dream 9)
7. Seedling-Dutch Disease
(From the album “Let’s Play Boys & Girls”, dream 28)
8. Zoppo-Chick With The Leak
(From the album “Les Aumonts”, dream 19)
9. Seesaw-This Is What Happened
(From the album “Violent Elegance”, dream 27)
10. Zea-We Buried Indie Rock Years Ago
(From the 7”-single, dream 24)
11. Persil-New Zong
(From the album “Duotone”, dream 29)
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