Noisy boy/girl duo from Amsterdam, Holland.

Persil formed in 1997, after David gave up playing drums in Sonetic Vet (later to become Solex). Their first single ‘Agony Aunt’ was released in the UK in 1999 on the Shifty Disco label, followed by a John Peel BBC Radio 1 session, UK gigs and US release. The release of the 4 track 2002 ep ‘Snapcracklepop’ (Star Harbour/Shifty Disco), which includes a cover of the Wedding Present song ‘Kennedy’, led to the second John Peel BBC Radio 1 session and second UK tour. A split-single with Dutch band Zea was released early 2003 on Transformed Dreams.

Persil’s sound can be described as electro-pop with fuzzy guitars and sensuous, sweet vocals. The songs, which are based on inventive self-produced samples and groovy bass lines, sound playful, joyful and summery, while the lyrics are lightly ironical.
The use of a wide spectrum of twisted sounds adds to a light, dreamy atmosphere and gives the ‘three-minute pop songs’ a psychedelic touch.

Persil’s full-length debut album Duotone, featuring a duet with Damon of American chimp rockers The Swirlies, was released March 2, 2004 on Transformed Dreams.

In February/March 2004 the late John Peel played eight tracks of the “Duotone” album in his programs, followed by Persil’s third session for his program.

In 2004 Persil did two USA tours (including the SXSW 2004-festival in Austin, Texas; Tonic Upstairs, NYC; Warehouse Nextdoor, Washington DC; Middle East, Boston). They did six UK tours (o.a. Buffalo Bar, The Windmill, Bull & Gate (all London); Moles Club, Bath; Cellar, Oxford (2x); Adelphi, Hull; Stereo, Glasgow; In The City-Festival, Manchester 2004).

Persil was support band for Blondie at their only Dutch gig on June 29, 2004.

They were support band for nine sold-out gigs with The Wedding Present in the UK, February 20 - 28, 2005. After that they stayed in the UK for seven more dates (some with Melys), beginning of March.

A new 4-track CD-EP Tune-Up was released April 25, 2005.
The band did their sixth tour in the UK in November.

Persil's second album "Comfort Noise" was released: May 15, 2006 (Europe), June 19, 2006 (UK).

To promote the album, Persil did a sixteen dates UK-tour in April and May (including the GoNorth- and Tigerfest-festivals) and an eight day tour in September/October 2006. They also played the Eurosonic-festival 2006 and Truck-festival 2006.

October 4, 2006 they recorded a live-session for Huw Stephens' BBC Radio One programme.

Beginning of 2007 Persil did their ninth UK tour and a session for London's ResonanceFM Glassshrimp programme. In July the band played the Buffalo Bar in London again followed by a performance at the Indietracks-festival in Derbyshire.

Beginning of 2008 a specially recorded four-song live-session (including a cover of The Fall song "Life Just Bounces") was broadcast in Peter Nelson's programs for Womb Radio and Dandelion Radio.

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