Space Siren are guitar player Corno Zwetsloot and drummer Ineke Duivenvoorde, core-members of now defunct Dutch band Seesaw (who released two albums on Transformed Dreams).

Their first release is a 7” single (dream 34):

“Verschwende Deine Jugend” is a cover version of the Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft classic (written by Robert Gold and Gabi Delgado-Lopez from the 1981 album “Gold Und Liebe” on Virgin records).
The drummachine/sythesizer-driven with male-staccato vocals original has been transformed into a drums and guitar-driven mesmerizing spacey shoegazer song with lush vocals by former Seesaw girl-singer Astacat.

“Lullaby (Get Ready)” is a Space Siren written (apart from shouts from a woman’s womb) almost instrumental song. The groovy, repetitive drums and weird guitar and organ playing and sounds give the song the feel of a soundtrack to a Krimi (German version of a television detective series).

Release dates: June 27, 2005 (NL)
                           July 18, 2005 (UK)


Scottish Fan-/E-zine IsThisMusic (September 2005):
"The a-side is a DAF cover, but heavily reworked - all great grungey drums and guitars with a touch of shoegaziness, quite unlike the original sparse keyboard-driven piece.
'Lullaby' is their own, and is no less good, charged by some floaty organ. The band are formed from the ashes of Dutch favourites Seesaw - this fact coupled with its appearance on such a reliable label means our high expectations are met."

Vanity project Issue 25 (July 2006):
"Space Siren – Verschwende Deine Jugende/Lullaby (Get Ready) (Transformed Dreams)
Synth captured in sludge, messy guitar thuggery, all seemingly trapped beneath a grate, attempting the great musical escape. Both tracks feel like they are brass rubbings of a brighter, perhaps more coherent music. It is scoured and scarred, a traced approximation of what pop music could be, and maybe should be. They are better for taking a step back, hiding their brilliance in subtle, yet brutish, ways."

UK E-zine Losing Today:
"Space Siren ''Lullaby (get ready)' (Transformed Dreams). More grooving headgear from the vaults of those discerning Dutch dudes over at Transformed Dreams. Not content with messing with our hi-fi in recent months with some well heeled releases including a four way split between 1 Speed Bike, Melt Banana, Jason Forrest and Felix Kubin all gathering together to scare the crap and re-weld a new chassis onto a few choice slices from the Zea back catalogue as well as driving us to the point of delirium with a quartet of Persil goodies that included the audaciously poppy 'Happy' - now it's the turn of the debut offering from Space Siren. Space Siren feature one time Seesaw members Corno, Inecke and Astacat who sadly split last year after spending a decade together that spawned three full lengths. Now dusted down having taken stock and licked their wounds, the invigorated trio return to the fray with this throbbing twin set which we readily advise that you don your tin hats for. 'Lullaby (get ready)' is one discordantly groovy bastard of a cut, kooky keyboards wobble and bob just above the surface amid a muscular undercurrent that sees a particularly wired and edgy Magazine at their tightest and most visceral squaring up for a face off with 'Heaven up Here' era Will Sergeant, the resulting outcome a serious cranium crunching wig flipping nailed to the floor no nonsense brooding beast with hooks that scowl and riffs that grind to the bone. Flip over for a gripping cover of the much missed krautrock / club crossover pioneers DAF's 'Verschwende Deine Jugend' which originally appeared on their second major label full length 'Gold Und Liebe'. Now given the spanking wax 'n' polish treatment this baby is out to melt heads with its floor trashing repetitive throb - think of a ménage a trios between My Bloody Valentine, early career Quickspace and X-Mal Deutchsland and then some more. A crucial space cadet accessory if ever I heard one."

UK E-zine The Beat Surrender (18/07/05):
"Space Siren - Verscwende Deine Jugend / Lullaby (Get Ready) Space Siren were formed out of the ashes of now defuntc Dutch band Seesaw, with guitar player Corno Zwetsloot and drummer Ineke Duivenvoorde once again working with each other.
Verschwende Deine Jugend is a cover version of a 1981 German ‘classic’, can’t say as i’ve heard the orginal but this is a cracking version in it’s own right. Lush female vocals float over what can only be called shoegazing space rock, kind of takes me back a bit but lets be honest a trip down memory lane does everybody good now and again. Not content with twisting yor melon once, they then decide to do it again
with the other A side. Lullaby (Get Ready) is an almost instrumental track, yet again sonic guitars are at the forefront, this time though accompanied by some crazy ass organ sounds spiralling in and out of the track."